Pen and ink and screen tone and collage, 24″ x 12″, 2006, 2010.

…Somewhere along the line Skot ran afoul of some enthusiastic persons who wanted to release The Weeny Man as a vinyl record! No fooling! It fell upon me to reformat all the art I’d once made for the scrappy CD booklet for a glorious LP jacket, a pretty exciting means of having one’s illustrations reproduced! The original art images were a mere 9″x9,” but my linework is pretty crisp and clean so it scaled up nicely, requiring only a little tinkering to make it full-bleed for the wraparound on the jacket cardboard. The limiting factor was to keep it in the spirit of the original. As my photocopier knowledge was still relatively nascent when the CD version was released, I finally felt like this project was properly “finished” when it manifested as an LP.

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