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Happy New Year!  After a long hibernation, I am again using me ol’ website to share what I’ve been working on! First is a new idea I created (at least for my own purposes) today: instead of tossing one’s old calendar on New Year’s Day, why not collage it, peeling back the layers through the […]

Katerpillar Kard Kid

With a new website, it’s come to pass that I need a new business card with the URL of said website printed upon its surface.  It’s been in the back of my mind for a spell, now, but (thanks to prodding from the Lady Maria!) I plunged into the project on a recent snow day […]

Illustration for Tom Whitehead!

My major project spanning bits of January and February was creating art for Tom Whitehead.  You can see it here: I’ve known Tom for years, having been a fellow teacher at Waynflete Summer Arts and having had the pleasure of teaching his two sons cartooning back then.  Tom contacted me outta the blue seeking […]

Ode to the Mass Extinction of the Late Permian

Today I got a swell thank you card from my pal and colleague, Mary Anne Lloyd, for a teardrop ornament I was invited to decorate for a fundraiser for Casco Bay High School.  Yay!  She says that works by the 25 participating artists raised $1500. Here’s an ugly quick clean-up of the scans of my […]

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