Pen and ink and screen tones, 12" x 12," 2006, 2010.

Pen and ink and screen tones, 12″ x 12,” 2006, 2010.

Skot Spear, a.k.a. id m theftable, the being behind the rssd uul mang “sound collage” program on WMPG Southern Maine community radio, and head of the Kraagistani Annex Corporation, commissioned me to create a CD cover. This release is part of the Found Sound series, a notable sub-set of the Mang Disc label, compiling and making available important social documentations of recordings found hither (dumpsters) and thither (thrift stores.) The Weeny Man compiles recordings from many different sources, their link being that they were made by little girls (!) A fascinating reportage, it includes many vivid characterizations, religious and secular, made all the more fun to work with by segments featuring a Chubbles toy. The original version of the packaging was a photocopied booklet in a jewel case; this version of the cover is a retooling specifically for an LP release…

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